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Why You Should Try Physical Therapy First

Manchester Physical Therapy

By Liz Sargent, ATC, LMBT

Physical Therapy for Everybody

Rehabilitative therapy tends to warrant the thought that you need to have had surgery or a major injury in order to receive care. In the state of Vermont, commercial insurance covered patients are able to make a physical therapy appointment without a doctor's referral. This means, if you roll your ankle in the back yard or if you trip and fall while out running, you can seek out a physical therapist for an examination. Even after minor injuries, it is important to rebuild and strengthen muscles to decrease compensations and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Reasons to Seek Out a Physical Therapist for Pain Management

  1. Decrease and/or eliminate pain

Physical therapy provides the patient with therapeutic exercise, modalities, manual therapy, and a home exercise plan to restore muscle and postural imbalances.

  1. Avoid and recovering from surgery

Physical therapy addresses the postural and muscular imbalances that contribute to your pain, you might be able to avoid or prolong the surgery! If surgery is needed, pre-surgery physical therapy can improve recovery and have better outcomes.

3. Improve mobility and strength

If you are having a difficult time with activities of daily living, such as going from sitting to standing, standing to sitting, walking up or down the stairs, standing, or walking; improving mobility and strength through exercises will improve these activities.

When Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work on Its Own

There are times when physical therapy is not the best course of action, and we are trained to recognize and refer to the appropriate medical professional. Other times, patients need additional support along with physical therapy through recommended shoes, sleep appliances, dental appliances, splints, orthotics, and braces.

As a privately owned clinical practice, we are able to spend more one-on-one time with each and every patient. This allows for more of a holistic approach. The focus on posture, breathing, and improving our lives as a whole makes Manchester Physical Therapy unique and sought out to those with chronic pain.

Are you not sure if physical therapy is for you? Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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