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Long Distance Driving this Holiday Season? Read This!

How to Prevent and Decrease Low Back Pain from Long Distance Driving

Are you and your family traveling this winter? Are you worried about how driving will cause pain or if it will increase your existing back pain?

The most common complaint while driving (or riding!) is low back pain, hip pain, and even pain down the legs. In this article you will learn simple exercises to decrease aches and pains to make your trip more enjoyable!

Here are 4 quick, easy, and enjoyable exercises to perform on your next trip!

1. Standing Latt Stretch

For this exercise, take one hand and reach up and over your head.....hold and breathe! If one side feels tighter than the other, complete twice as many on the tighter side.

Our latissimus dorsi muscles when tight will cause increased low back tightness and shoulder tension. Not only will this exercise loosen up your back, but it will make it easier to sit up straight!

2. Calf Stretching

Has your foot been on the gas pedal for a few hours? The right calf muscles have been overworking!

Stretching out the calf muscles in a static calf exercise (both left and right) will improve how you feel once you get moving, get that hitch out of your step!

3. Squats

Let's get those leg muscles fired up! Sitting for more than 20 minutes will cause our muscles to shut matter how strong we are!

Placing your feet hip width apart, slowly squat down, and then push through your heels to stand back up. Try 5-10 reps!

4. Heel Raises

Our calf muscles help pump fluid through our body. Have you ever noticed swelling in your ankles or lower legs after sitting for a long period of time?

This exercise is easy to perform in sitting and standing, so if you are the passenger start pumping those calf muscles by lifting and lowering your heels. When you are at a rest stop, start ankle pumps to get the blood pumping again!

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